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I think it’s the show creators who didn’t understand the full scope of the issues in this episode. I just kind of block it out as far as understanding Julian’s character, because it entirely does not work.

Yeah, I think the writers missed the huge blinking neon lights that said “HUGE ISSUES DO NOT GO HERE”. They probably wanted to make an episode about Julian’s loneliness and went wrong somewhere down the line.

I always pictures Julian to be a harmless puppy, specially in the first seasons. But there WAS an issue with him being unable to accept Jadzia Dax saying no to him. But Dax could always enforce her rejection, since she was independent and strong. So I don’t think its completely out of character either.  It can be a disturbing depiction of how someone that doesn’t want to be rejected finds a woman that can’t or wont do that.

But I really, really hope that isn’t what the writers intended to convey.

The episode Chrysalis (7x05) really bothers me. The whole premise is disturbing. Julian cures Sarina, then pursues a relationship with her without any consideration of her mental state or actually asking her how she feels. Not only is she his patient, she’s also owes him her life. Everything about her life is dependent on him, from her medical care to her quarters. So there’s really a huge power differential that he’s completely ignoring or missing.

Towards the end of the episode Sarina withdraws into herself, which the other “mutants” blame on Julian. What’s his response? He goes to her, confesses that he loves her, sits right next to her, says he’ll do anything for her. He never contemplates actually giving her some space, emotional or physical. Its his love, his needs, that is the one driving force in his relationship with her.

Julian seems to get part of this in the end, but the full scope of the issues here are never really addressed.